COVID Impacts on the Development of Pregnancy and Family

One Clinician's Observations


  • Jennifer Collins


childcare, birthing, birth, infant care, family therapy


Our processes for delivering babies and caring for families changed dramatically in March, 2020 when COVID-19 shut our world down. Babies still needed to be born and the care of both infant and pregnant person, could not be ignored or delayed. Abrupt changes in regulations modified the way people were able to attend pregnancy care and interventions, as well as their deliveries. No longer were partners allowed into routine appointments, ultrasounds or specialist appointments. If you are reading this article and have been pregnant, reflect back to the moment you saw your baby for the first time on that ultrasound screen, or got to hear their heartbeat on the doppler.  What about that moment when you were expecting to see a heartbeat on the screen, but did not?  Imagine having to experience these emotional moments by yourself, next to the Medical Assistant and OB Provider, void of your vital support person. This single change has impacted a pregnant person’s experience in their pregnancy and I have seen an increase in depression and anxiety in pregnant people, and their partners, since this pandemic began.




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