Equity in the Agency Experience

Supporting Supervisors


  • Jalesa Frye
  • Rachael Gay
  • Jeremiah Gibson New England Association for Family and Systemic Therapy
  • Amelia Hasbun
  • Porsche Lockett


community mental health, supervision, healthcare policy, supervisors, training, therapy training


Many of our agency clinicians are new therapists, recent graduates with Masters degrees, so these are folks who have unique needs around training, getting used to the ins-and-outs of the work, maintaining a professional caseload, and working with a diversity of clientele. And  that’s before we get to the standards and requirements put on them by MassHealth, documentation standards, the productivity model, and other topics that we have discussed and will discuss in Equity in the Agency Experience. Central to and overseeing all of this are clinical supervisors. Supervisors play such an important role in the functioning of agencies. This conversation addresses possibilities for providing support to supervisors. 

Author Biography

Jeremiah Gibson, New England Association for Family and Systemic Therapy

Jeremiah Gibson is the Executive Director for the New England Association for Family and Systemic Therapy (NEAFAST). He is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist at the South Shore Family Health Collaborative in Quincy, where he provides couples and sex therapy and teaches in their training program. His professional interests include couples and families with young children, couples and sexuality, and religious/spiritual issues.




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